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           Nova Scotia
          Tuna Fishing

Searching for the hookup of a
lifetime? Come get in the fighting
chair and fight a Giant Bluefin Tuna
with Dawn Treader Tuna Charters!
Not only is Nova Scotia tuna fishing
world class, our crew is too!
Due to the many mackerel, herring
and squid in the Gulf of Saint
Lawrence, there has been an
increase in very healthy tuna
populations seen in recent years.
There are certainly lots of tuna out
there! Enjoy the breathtaking views
of the beautiful Cape Breton Island,
Nova Scotia, while taking on a
school of World Record size
(1496 lbs!) Giant Bluefin Tuna on one
of our exciting tuna fishing charters.

180 class rod

             Tackle and

We provide all of the necessary tuna fishing gear on our thrilling full day Nova Scotia tuna fishing charters. Big game salt water sport fishing at it's finest! Nothing less than 180 class fishing rods are used in our state of the art fighting chair, the ultimate in strength and dependability. Enjoy the exitment of catching bait on the charter or the luxury of having it provided for you. All tuna fishing tackle is provided but if you prefer to use stand up gear, we welcome you to take your own. Whether you are an experienced angler or just starting out, you can take advantage of our cutting edge gear, boat and crew. We have been consistently catching Giant Bluefin Tuna over 1000 lbs for more than 20 years! Call to book your Nova Scotia bluefin tuna charters today, before the big one gets away! (902)478-3775

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